Trimming or Shaving Your Arm Hair - by

Is the length of your arm hair bumming you out? Why not trim, nair it, or shave it? Sounds good, right? But which one should you do?

If you shave your arm hair, you will look great for a day or so, but stubble will form quite soon and you’ll have a mess on your hands. For this reason, I suggest you don’t shave your arm hair. It is too visible.

If you want to have no arm hair, none, then you should consider nair for men. It will keep you clean looking for about 8-12 days. It’s a great choice if your skin can resist the chemical burns.

If you just want to look clean and neat, then you should just trim your arm hair. Everyone has some arm hair, only sasquatch doesn’t trim his. I suggest you use setting #3 on a 9 position beard and mustache trimmer. Setting 3 isn’t too short which can trim your hair unevenly, setting three is just right.