Shaving Your Legs for Men

Some athletes like to keep their leg hair shaved because removing body hair makes abrasions heal faster. Other athletes thing it cuts down on wind and water resistance. Some folks just have nasty looking leg hair, so they get rid of it. You can easily do this.

Most people don’t have very thick hair on their legs, so they can just bring a new razor into the shower and get the job done. Do your other shower stuff first, so that they water will soften your hair first, then use shaving gel or conditioner to shave your hair.

If your hair is too long, thick, or gnarly to shave your legs this easily, don’t worry. Use a two-stage process. Use a hair trimmer, like a beard trimmer to cut the hair down short, then shave it from there. It is far easier to shave down stubble than long hair.

man shaving one leg

One thing you might have overlooked: If you are going to shave your legs, where are you going to stop? Do you stop at the knee, do you stop at your shorts, where your underwear begins? Do you go full monty? If so, do you shave your chest? Back? Ass crack? This is the big question with manscaping. It isn’t where you start that matters, it is where you finish. The desire to shave one part of your body means you end up spending four hours clogging the bathroom drain. I’m not saying you shouldn’t shave your legs, I’m just suggesting that you think it through first.